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About us

Every product has a starting point – a moment when frustration trumps complacency and someone puts a pen to paper and says enough is enough, there has to be something better.

For J-wheelz, that moment took place on a farm in South Dakota. With acres of land to cross and a realization that the four-wheeler in the shed was not going to make it, John said there had to be a better, more cost effective way to add capacity to his four-wheeler. The sketching began and the tests were soon to follow. With the addition of his son Jake to the team, more than two years of trials and improvements stood between those initial sketches and the finished product. J-wheelz evolved as the need was more clearly defined.

What was needed was a lightweight, durable traction device that would assist when needed, but would stay out of the way when not needed so as to maintain steering and not wear out the product unnecessarily. It would need to be tough to withstand the rigors of riding, but it needed to attach simply so a rider could take it on and off without having to block off a whole day to complete the task. It needed to be so simple that it just might work. J-wheelz answered all those requirements and more. The unique blend of top of the line materials and tireless testing brought to the market a product that attached quickly to any 23-26 inch tire, stayed clear of firm terrain while adding traction in loose terrain, and even added 310 lbs of additional flotation to a machine – all in a product that weighed only 7lbs.

Today, more than two years of testing later, J-Wheelz is a success. With awards for innovation under its belt and a growing dealer network to boot, J-Wheelz is ‘gaining traction’ and adding capacity to machines across this country and internationally. J-wheelz is proof that frustration and determination can bring to market something great.


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