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"These things get me everywhere I need to be and some places I wish I couldn’t get to! "


The ride to the cabin used to take about 5 hours and we would have to winch out 3 different times. Now that we got J-wheelz, the trip took 2 hours and we did not have to use the winch once.

- Doug, AK


I am thrilled with my J-wheelz. I took these things through  a bottomless bog on my hunting land and they rolled right along. At one point I stopped and tried to get off, but I had to climb back on because I could not find the bottom! Now that I have ridden them, I am getting a second set for my fathers machine.

Randy, MN


Should have had my camera last time I took my J-wheelz out to set up stands. I went through a slough bottom my brother had to go around. It didn't even hesitate in mud that was about 4 ft deep with water on top.

- Mark, FL


I love them! I wanted to let you know that I just purchased a set of J-wheelz from my dealer who introduced me to your product. I think you are on to something truly worthy for 4-wheelers. You can be assured that I’m gonna do some selling for you just by the people that have seen me going through the swampy areas over here!!!!!!!!!

- Kurt, IA


I wanted to let you know our thoughts on the J-wheelz on the 6 wheel ranger.  We did not find any mud that would even slow it down.  I was pretty impressed that I did not have to use the winch.  There is no question….they work awesome.  The best part was the shallower ruts.  The farmers are pretty particular about deep ruts in the fields and we did not receive any complaints.  By the way, it looks awesome with them on!  Thanks again for the great product!

- Michael, SD


We use our J-Wheelz for surveying (we do surveying and topographical mapping for drain tiling projects amongst other things) so we are in the worst of the worst most of the time.  I can’t even count the amount of work we have gotten done this summer that would have been too wet or muddy to do without the J-Wheelz.  These things get me everywhere I need to be and some places I wish I couldn’t get to!  The fact that they are there when you need them and don’t touch the ground when you don’t is great.  We save wear & tear on our atv (as opposed to running tracks) as we are on the roads at times.

Truly a great product and design, backed by outstanding customer service!  These things get me everywhere I need to be and then some!

- Adam, MN


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